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The wide variety of dairy we supply you with is all raw and unprocessed. Remember, any milk is a perishable item and the ideal temperature for storing is from 34 - 39º F. It is advisable you bring coolers with ice to maintain temperature. As with any perishable item, consistency in temperature is the key to it's longevity. Also keep in mind, we are delivering your milk; you are not purchasing it from us (refer to cow lease page).
We are up-breeding our herd with the heritage breed "dutch belted". They are a hardy breed which thrives on foraging, have great dispositions, are on
The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) "critical list"(less than 200 registered in the U.S.) and most importantly. . . put out a wonderful milk! Theirs has extremely small fat globules in the molecules of their milk making it "naturally homogenized". So don't be fooled if you see a smaller "cream line" than from others! This attribute also makes it highly digestible.​

All eggs are from our farm, from our hens and are pastured here. We feed no soy. These are old-time eggs with rich yolks that are highly nutritious.

All meat is from our farm or other local Michigan farmers. It will ALWAYS be frozen as this is not mass production. Raising animals in the traditional sense includes seasonal availability. Beef is grass fed and all meat is butchered by local USDA inspected butchers.
All meat is raised either organically or naturally using no GMO, no chemicals and no pesticides. 100% grass fed. No grain. No molasses ever! Pork products contain no nitrates or MSG.​​